Room 312 with Devon

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Devon was a remarkably beautiful black man. Outside his “office” he rarely thought of himself in those terms; in all honesty, most men rarely think of themselves in terms of beauty or color. But within the four walls of Room 312, Devon knew he was beautiful and black and he capitalized on those facts.

At just over 6’1″, he towered over most of the women who visited his room. His 180lb physique was lean and sculptured, but not so bulky as to be intimidating.

Since at least 1/2 of his clients came to him with expectations about the size of his manhood, his somewhat clothed full appearance gave them a good idea of what to expect beneath …

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Rebecca Noon writes erotic fiction with a fresh approach. Character development, a strong and intriguing plot line and great writing are all keystones to her writing process. No more outrageously cliché Cinderella stories. No more down and dirty, base and boring sex. "Nooners" are writing to provide discerning readers with high quality, sexy stories that will wet your appetite for more! Rebecca is an avid reader and writer, with an imagination that won't stop! In her everyday life, she is anything but a hopeless romantic, but enjoys playing out her fantasies through her writing.


  1. That black guy is hot!

    Piper Presley
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    • It’s he just? I have fun with all my stories, but this one was particularly pleasing to my own eyes…that model, with that smile -mmm!

  2. Nice teaser. 🙂

    • Thanks! If you stop by on the day they are released you get to read the full chapter!

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