Room 401 with Esmeralda

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Esmeralda stood in her room, inspecting her own body carefully. Most men who visited her worshiped her body, as she had come to expect and desire. He did as well, but he demanded a level of perfection that was lost on most men…

She had one of the two most luxurious suites in the Hedonist Hotel – room 401. It was a small hotel, and centrally located within a busy city, surrounded by bigger buildings. Her expansive patio was visible to anyone who cared to glance in their direction.

Which suited her purpose as an exhibitionist perfectly well.

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Room 401 cover

Rebecca Noon writes erotic fiction with a fresh approach. Character development, a strong and intriguing plot line and great writing are all keystones to her writing process. No more outrageously cliché Cinderella stories. No more down and dirty, base and boring sex. "Nooners" are writing to provide discerning readers with high quality, sexy stories that will wet your appetite for more! Rebecca is an avid reader and writer, with an imagination that won't stop! In her everyday life, she is anything but a hopeless romantic, but enjoys playing out her fantasies through her writing.


  1. Such a dance of seduction they both played that by the time she pressed against his back for the first time, I found myself holding my breath in breathless anticipation. What great characters

    • Oh, thank you Cammies! I have found some inspiration from your posts…I have a tentative topic ready for the letter “R”, you might want to stop by then! 😉

  2. spurting his victory cocktail Love this line. The Heat level was high. Great story. I want more.
    Romance, Passion, & Thrills | ❤ Twitter: @sashaknight

    • Thank you Sasha! I don’t always play around with euphemisms, but when I do, they’re on purpose! It’s so nice to have you back!

  3. These quick hot and sexy reads are fantastic. Ankles chains on the balcony…damn!

    Nia Kenzie Romance | ❤ Twitter: @NiaKenzie

    • Haha – thanks Nia! I like to keep my professionals safe 😉

  4. Hey,
    I hope you’re doing okay. I’m Geetika, a member of A-Z co-host AJ Lauer’s wHooligan team, from A to Z Challenge. I can see your name in the A to Z sign up list, but you haven’t really updated the blog after the alphabet E. I hope everything is fine at your end. If there is anything that you need to us, then we are all ears 🙂

    See you soon 🙂

    a member of A-Z co-host AJ Lauer’s wHooligan team.

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